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What is Clarity and how do we find it?

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What is Clarity and how do we find it?

Fun fact: I started a podcast back in 2013, before podcasting was popular.

The podcast was called The Undeniable Clarity.

I taught mindfulness and mindset stuff back then. Honestly, I would cringe if I were to listen to what I shared back then.

The irony is that I lacked the most amount of clarity back in that season of my life. I created that podcast mainly for myself.

To talk myself through the process of creating clarity in my life.

Here’s what I’ve learned from a decade of chasing clarity.

We all want clarity because clarity gives us permission to move forward.

Most people hold back from moving forward, consciously and unconsciously, because of uncertainty and fear.

So clarity is that permission slip to move forward, even if things will be uncertain. Most are.

Most people think clarity is knowing the HOW to do something or get somewhere.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned from my experiences and from observing and coaching others…

Clarity doesn’t come from knowing the HOW, it comes from knowing the WHAT and removing all the noise the pressure in the way of that what.

More specifically:

  • Know WHAT exactly you want

  • Be willing to claim what you want

  • Accept where you are right now (in relationship to your want)

  • Then remove all the noise and pressure

Very rarely do you need to know the HOW to move forward.

We live in a world that’s so resourceful that figuring out the HOW is the easiest part of anything.

The hardest parts?

Knowing what you want, why you want it, and accepting the hard truth about where you are right now.

Everything outside of this is noise and pressure. Remove it.

  • The inner voice questioning if you deserve what you want - let it go

  • The fear of judgement for claiming what you want - let it go

  • The fear of failing along the way - let that go too

  • All the other lesser wants - yup, let it go

When you know what your core desire is and you’re willing to be obsessed with achieving it…

The next step to get there becomes obvious.

Next step, not all the steps. You just need to know the next step.

It’s obvious. But obvious often gets drowned in noise and pressure.

Sometimes that noise comes from your avoidance of accepting the hard truth about where you are right now.

“The degree to which a person can grow is directly proportional to the amount of truth he can accept about himself without running away.”

Leland Val Van De Wall

I’ve found that almost always, my “lack of clarity” was just a disguise for my avoidance of accepting a hard truth about myself.

“What if there is a part of you that is unconsciously avoiding the easy way to get from A to B because if you found out the truth of how easy that was, you would have to face up with the truth that you’ve been doing it the hard way for such a long time?”

Dusan Djukich

The next step forward is almost always simple and obvious. Once you stop avoiding it.

Ok, I think you get the point.

So I’ll leave you with this to reflect on over this last week of 2023:

  • What is it that you truly desire for 2024?

  • Are you willing to fully own and claim that desire?

  • Where are you at right now?

  • Are you willing to accept the truth of it?

  • What’s the simple and obvious next step forward?

I’d love to hear your reflections if you’re down to share them with me by email or social.

Otherwise, have an amazing holidays!

Your Pal,


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