Leverage The Power Of Your Future Self

How to Make Better Business Decisions by Embodying Your Future Self

The most under-leveraged resource you have in your arsenal as a founder or CEO:

Your Future Self.

The best part? It’s absolutely free and unlimited.

As a founder, it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget about the bigger picture.

You may find yourself reacting to urgent matters rather than proactively working towards your vision. You may find most of your time spent working IN your business rather than working ON it.

The problem this creates over time is misalignment.

When you’re operating in reactivity to what’s happening in the present, your programmed state will always be chasing safety and security. This takes your perspective and thinking off the bigger picture, the vision you’re wanting to create.

Your job as the founder is to set the vision, create the game plan, and relentlessly redirect and course-correct your team and execution to stay in alignment with the vision.

In order to do this, you must be consistently tapped into your vision: what do you want to create and why?

You can’t redirect and course-correct the plane if you, the pilot, don’t know where you’re trying to land.

The secret to this: tapping into and embodying your Future Self.

Your Future Self is the version of you that has already created the vision. Your Future Self is wiser, more experienced, and more fulfilled. By embodying your Future Self, you can make decisions in the present moment that are aligned with your long-term goals and values.

This is the most under-leveraged resource you have as a visionary founder and entrepreneur.

I have a tool and practice called the Future Self Codex that I get all my clients to do to unlock this untapped resource.

Before I share it, here are 4 reasons why you should leverage your Future Self:

1) Your Future Self thinks differently

Getting from where you are now to where you want to be doesn’t require extra work or extra time. It comes down to thinking differently and making a different set of aligned decisions.

The greatest investment you can make as a founder is in your own mind.

Most get stuck because they believe they’re missing some secret strategy, tactic, or skill.

What they should really be focusing on is their way of thinking and the decisions they make.

Tapping into your Future Self allows you to rethink as your more successful and fulfilled version of you would think. Then make more aligned decisions like your greater self would.

2) Your Future Self already achieved it

Reprogram your mind to desire what your Future Self has already achieved.

You don’t get what you want, you get what you expect to happen in the future.

Visualize clearly what your Future Self already has accomplished.

Then embody that state of BEING now and watch the way you show up to your present day challenges shift.

Instead of operating from a place of doubt and fear, you operate from a knowing that what you desire you already have accomplished.

This state of being is more focused on taking aligned action and making aligned decisions rather than on second-guessing yourself.

3) Your Future Self does less and achieves more

Doing more and working harder produces 2X results.

Doing less and being aligned produces 10X results.

Pick 1-2 things that you’re the absolute best at and will get you to your vision and Future Self, then go all in on it.

Let go of the rest. This means delegating, automating, and even eliminating.

Most people are unwilling to let go of the things they’re attached to. But what they’re attached to is programmed by the need for safety and comfort.

And therefore, what they’re attached to will only create 2X results, at best. 10X results rarely come from safety and comfort.

Tapping into your Future Self will illuminate what your goals are, what you should focus on, and what are distractions.

4) Your Future Self appreciates all the failures

Failure doesn’t exist to your Future Self, there was only feedback.

Your Future Self when looking back, realizes that everything was happening for you, not happening to you.

All your mistakes, pitfalls, and setbacks were feedback and lessons of how aligned you were to the vision and goal.

Your Current Self is programmed to fear and avoid failures.

Your Future Self welcomes them and leverages them to relentlessly redirect and course-correct.

If you’re clear on your goals and the future you want to create, you can endure any challenge in the present.

Creating Your Future Self Codex

Here's a step-by-step method to create your Future Self Codex to help you embody your Future Self every morning.

Your Future Self Codex is a simple document outlining your Future Self’s reality, values, and principles.

Once created, you will pull up this document every morning before you start your work day and read through it. Then visualize it and embody your Future Self going into your day.

This has been a game-changer for me and my clients. I’m sure it will be for you too if you’re willing to make it a daily practice.

Step 1: Clearly Define Your Vision & Values

Take some time to define your vision for your business and personal life.

  • What do you want to achieve in the long term?

  • Why do you want this?

  • What values do you need to embody for this to be possible?

Document this. You can use my Strategic Vision Planner.

Step 2: Create Your Future Self Codex

Close your eyes and imagine yourself 5-10 years from now. You're successful, happy, and fulfilled. What does your Future Self’s life look like? How does it feel?

Specificity is the secret here.

Here’s what to outline in your Future Self Codex:

  • Your Future Self’s Personal Bio

  • Your 10-Year Vision

  • Your 3-Year Milestones

  • Your 1-Year Goals

  • Your One Thing (#1 focus as the founder)

  • Your Rules & Daily Habits

  • Your Values & Principles

  • Your Perfect Day

You can grab my Future Self Codex Template here.

Step 3: Embody Your Future Self

Bookmark or print out your Future Self Codex and have it somewhere easily accessible.

I have mine printed out and on my desk where I see it every morning.

Make it a daily practice to read your Future Self Codex before you start working.

Embody and take on the qualities of your Future Self. Act as if you're already there. Make decisions that align with your vision and values.

Step 4: Check in with Your Future Self

Regularly check in with your Future Self.

Ask yourself if your intentions, actions, and impact is in alignment with your vision. If not, adjust accordingly.

This is a simple yet powerful tool that can transform your business and your life.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found it helpful!

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