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How I designed and created my last 2 Scalable Coaching Offers

And how you can do it the faster and easier way now using AI

You’re reading Create Leverage, a weekly newsletter sharing tips and tools to help coaches and experts turn their expertise into leverage so they can work less, make more, impact lives, and enjoy life.

People overcomplicate offers.

An Offer is simply a path of transformation, packaged and positioned in a way that helps your ideal clients make the decision to commit to their desired reality.

Your goal is not to sell them on your offer. The days of pushing products and services onto people are over.

People hate to be sold to, but they love to buy.

So your goal is to create an offer that makes their desire to buy greater than your need to sell.

In today’s letter, I’m going to breakdown the process I used to design and create two scalable coaching offers that easily generated 6-figures each on their first cohort.

And I’m going to show you how you can do it the easier way now with leverage of AI.

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Back to designing and creating offers…

Designing A Scalable Offer

Here’s my exact step-by-step process:

You can also watch the training here.

Step 0: Define your Niche and Ideal Client

Yes, these are necessary prerequisites.

Truly knowing who you help and what they truly want… is EVERYTHING.

People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Show them how much you care by showing them how much you understand their pain and problems and their desired outcomes.

I’ve found that many entrepreneurs struggle with clearly defining their specific niche and ideal client. This is a good thing for you.

By clearly defining them, you already have a competitive advantage.

I go much deeper into how to define your niche and ideal client in Dharma Labs. Maybe I’ll do a future letter on it.

So the prerequisite is to define your Niche and Ideal Client, and to validate your Message-Market-Match.

Once validated, you’re ready to design and create an offer around it.

Step 1: Clearly define the Core Problem and the Core Outcome

What’s the Problem State your ideal clients are currently in?

What’s the Outcome State they want and that your offer will get them to?

In the first 6-figure offer I’ve ever created:

  • Niche: business owners of coaching companies

  • Core Problem: their business isn’t scalable, they’re making money but they’re trading time for it

  • Core Outcome: make their business scalable and profitable while getting them back their time freedom

In the second 6-figure offer I created:

  • Niche: Integrators or Operators of coaching companies

  • Core Problem: their Visionary or CEO is overwhelmed and drowning

  • Core Outcome: to become a rockstar Integrator who can manage the business and team, allowing their Visionary to step back into the visionary seat

This is easier when you’ve already defined your niche, ideal client, and validated message-market-match.

This makes it easier to do the next step.

Step 2: Define the Path of Transformation

How will your ideal client go from the Core Problem to the Core Outcome?

In a linear path, skillfully designed to increase their motivation and confidence as they progress. This is important!

If they increasingly get more overwhelmed, they will continue to get in their own way.

Here’s a framework for a well-defined Path of Transformation.

5 Phases:

  • 1 Mindset (or fundamentals) Phase

  • 3 Strategy & Tactics Phase

  • 1 Ongoing Support Phase

Start with the Mindset and Fundamentals your ideal clients need to hone to BE the person who can attract the outcome with ease, and keep it.

Then go into the actual Strategies and Tactics to create the outcome.

Then wrap with a designed opportunity for Ongoing Support. This turns your Offer into a recurring revenue offer where they continue to get support to stay in the Outcome state while your business continues to generate revenue.

Recurring revenue creates consistency, predictability, and sustainability for your business.

Here’s the Path of Transformation in my first offer:

  • Mindset: Master Leadership (leading self, leading team, leading your biz)

  • Strategy: Define your North Star (vision, mission, goals, values)

  • Tactics: Create a Scalable Offer (product, sales, marketing)

  • Tactics: Build Scalable Systems (operations and delivery process)

  • Ongoing: Build your Dream Team (hiring, firing, managing performance)

Here’s the Path of Transformation for my second offer:

  • Mindset: Strengthen Integrator & Visionary Relationship

  • Strategy: Find the Operational Bottlenecks

  • Tactics: Create the Business Process Map

  • Tactics: Create Role Clarity & Accountability

  • Ongoing: Freeing the Visionary, Leading the Team

Notice how both had Ongoing Support phases built in where I was able to keep supporting my clients while stacking recurring revenue.

Now each Phase must have a clear Milestone Problem and Milestone Outcome.

  • What’s the problem being solved in this phase?

  • What’s the solution?

  • How will you know they have completed this phase and are ready to move onto the next?

This step takes intentionality and time.

Here’s how you can do you do it the easier and faster way using AI:

  • This a 2-Step Prompt

  • Use the tags to plug in the context of your ideal client, their problem, and their desired outcome

  • Add in all the steps required to get from problem to outcome

  • Copy and paste Prompt 1 into ChatGPT

  • Hit that submit button to get a first draft of your Path of Transformation

Then review and refine it until it’s aligned with your vision for your offer.

Give the Phase a name.

Step 3: Outline the Action Steps & Delivery Mechanism

Now you want to outline each Phase in more detail:

  • Action Steps: what is the step-by-step process to solve the milestone problem and achieve the milestone outcome

  • Delivery Mechanism: how will you help them achieve this easier, faster, better

    • Video training

    • Worksheet

    • Tool or template

    • Assignment

    • 1:1 call or group coaching call

    • DFY or DWY services

You can use Prompt 2 in the prompt template to help brainstorm.

Step 4: Name and Price your Offer

Give your offer a name.

Best practices to follow when naming:

  • Clear over clever

  • Different is better than Better

  • Alliteration is nice but not needed

Then come up with the pricing model for your offer.

Pricing is a whole other subject that takes intentionality and strategy. I’ll dive into it another day.

That’s it!

Yes, it gets to be simple.

Want more support with designing and crafting a scalable offer that creates more leverage for you and your business?

Otherwise, I’ll see you in the next letter!

Your pal,


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